Cenote Dzinup

This is from a 2007 post:

Before yesterday we arrived in the city of Piste, here in Mexico, which is beside the ruins of Chichen Itza – one of the most famous around here. We stayed at a resort (believe me you want it) called Piramide Inn. Actually, we camped, but the place is a resort even that has an area for camping too. With a pool and buffet at breakfast!

Oh if only all the campsites were resorts…!

chichen resort

Next to Piste is Valladolid, and from there we could rent bikes and go pedal to the Cenote of Dzinup. But anyways, what is a Cenote? I do not know the right concept, but it’s like a cave below the earth, with a lake inside! And it usually has a tree root about 10 meters long, which drops into the water. We pedaled for about 40 minutes and arrived at the Cenote (the photo is dark, but it’s understandable). The place is beautiful. Unlike everything I’ve seen. A cave (you can even hear bats) and emerald blue water inside. How can the water be so blue, since the place is dark and the ground is earthy-sand? There are little fish swimming (a sign of clean water?), but it is a little bit weird: they are black and with long mustaches! There was no one swimming when we arrived, so we took some photos and we were about to leave when an employee there asked: “But you are not going to swim?” – Of course we came back to try! The water was delightful, felt like the natural swimming pool that I swam in the Island of Ometepe, in Nicaragua.

At the exit of the Cenote, we had a coconut water with tequila (!), and then we ate the coconut meat with chilli and lime. Quite a gastronomical experience.


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