Besties in Speightstown

If I were to summarize my week in Speightstown, Barbados, I would describe one scene that has been my daydream since I got back: sitting at an all-white contemporary beach bar, sipping on rum punch while watching the waves crash on the emerald blue ocean. The only things in my head were fun thoughts analyzing if that drink was better than the one before. If only life could be always like that!

It is my second time in Barbados, and I regret not giving much attention to this piece of the north-west coast on my previous trip. Nah, regret is never an adequate word! My first time was as awesome as this one; the splendor of travel is to always be finding new gems and getting to know better the different areas of this wonderful Caribbean island that, the more I know, the more I love.

Expectation is funny (some would say it’s a b****). It’s true that high expectations can – and likely will – ruin trips (and anything else, really). But the opposite works as a two-way street: I never thought of Barbados as a bucket list destination. Other islands sparked more interests: Cuba, Jamaica, St Marteen, Bahamas, etc… So when I finally got to know this former British colony, I was really happily surprised. Countless gorgeous beaches, astonishing gastronomy experiences, and the best of all: the Bajans. The people from Barbados are so nice, so welcoming, that even the whitest tourist can feel part of their island universe.

Consequently, I got back less than a year later and again had an amazing time. So enough of blah blah blah, here goes my list of the besties in Speightstown, Barbados:

One Eleven East Beach Bar

This is first on my list for one main reason: it is new and not found on most lists around the web (yet). The all-white design of this beach house transformed into a casual chic bar that claims to have the best rum punch – they even sell their own bottles for you to take it home – in the area. It is delicious, plus served on the stemless wine glass that will make you feel as fancy as the table next to you that is likely having champagne. They have yoga days, SUP for rental, and light snacks (including pre-made sushi).

The Beach Shack

Just a few meters from One Eleven, but quite the opposite in many ways: The Beach Shack is a classic in Speightstown, with its bright-colored painted structure that is characteristically Bajan, and relaxed island vibe, which include things like not accepting credit card because the machine ran out of paper and having a delicious meal while your feet play in the sand. And: their rum punch was actually best, in my opinion. Go on Sunday for live music and great fun.

The Fisherman’s Pub

Despite being probably the most famous spot in Speightstown, somehow our family had space to do the conga line around the tables on a Friday evening. They serve their food that is displayed in a buffet style, so it’s great if you like having a visual of what you want to eat. And it’s absolutely delicious, especially if you like eating home cooked style meal right by the ocean.

Little Bristol Beach Bar

You just need to understand one thing: there is no other place to be on Friday happy hour than the Little Bristol Beach Bar. Live music, discounted drinks (cash only), and the truthful slogan ‘Good Vibes’


It opened in 2017, finally bringing an option that is on a par with the exclusive St Charles Yacht Club nearby. When the time asks for fine dining, Hugos is the restaurant to go in Speightstown. My husband fell in love with the pork tenderloin, served with Banks beer poached apples and sweet potato fritters – I mean, what is not to love about anything Banks poached?

Heywoods Beach 🌴

I know, all my besties listed here are related to food or drink, but what is better than that? Just one thing: the beach. And that, my friends, Speightstown also showcase it best. Heywoods Beach is perfect for swimming, the ocean is clear as emerald and peaceful turtles are easily spotted while snorkeling just outside the coast. While it is busier on the stretch close to town, you can walk on the sand all the way from Hugo’s until the Yacht Club – all beaches in Barbados are public – and find a place under the sun to fall in love with a spectacular sunset.

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