Thailand. Party Paradise.


Would you trust the opinion of a 33-year-old girl who has been to over 33 countries?

When I traveled the world for a year in 2008, Thailand won my heart as one of the best countries I visited on that trip. But more than just sunbathing, I was also brainbaking. Partying hard!

We started in Bangkok. Big city, well developed, with Buddhist temples sharing streets with shopping malls. And great nightlife. As soon as we arrived, I decided to walk at night to get to know the surroundings of the hotel. I wasn’t expecting to find much on a Monday night, but I was surprised when I found 3 bars and 2 clubs open – all quite busy.

And that wasn’t Royal City Avenue: also known as RCA, it’s a street located in the Huai Khwang district, closed only for pedestrians, and that is vibrant with nonstop entertainment.

Then there is Koh Sam Road, the famous Bangkok street that’s the epicenter of tourists.

When I escaped to the islands, I did not escape the nightlife: in Ko Phi Phi, the Reggae Bar called the visitors in a super-original way: “Challenge your friend to a Thai Boxing fight and win buckets!” Believe it or not, but they have a fighting arena in the middle of the bar, and everybody who goes up there has to wear Thai shorts, boxing gloves, headgear, and actually fight 5 rounds. The first battle I witnessed was between two girls, who were having fun more than they fighting. Cute, but I preferred the second fight, also among women, where the two really punched themselves, fearless. Among men, things get even more serious. And if they are Thai men… things get a lil’ too dangerous.

On another side of the Thai coast, Ko Samui, I enjoyed the ICE Bar. I know, I know. Glacier bars, where every chair, table and glasses are made of ice, are no longer new in the world. But on a tropical island, with a year-round heat of 30°C? Everyone gets there dressed in skirts, tank tops and slippers. They change into an Eskimo overcoat, and the bar also lends you gloves so you can stay in the ice bar until your toes freeze. But no worries, just cross the two thermal gates and you’ll return to the beach weather. There you can enjoy the heat of the night in the streets of Chaweng beach – in and out of the establishments where people are dancing until 2AM. According to the law of the islands, that is the last call time. But of course, this law does not apply to the Full Moon Party, which happens on Ko Phangan, the island next to Ko Samui. People from Europe, Australia, and other countries schedule their holidays to go to this traditional beach party, which is among the 10 largest in the world. The long beach of Haad Rin is crowded with people, who enter and leave the various bars and clubs playing different musical genres. The sun rises beautifully and those who do not want to go to sleep can go to an after-party until the afternoon; or put on your bikinis and swim trunks and fall into the sea to refresh the soul.

Wow. You have to have the energy to take advantage of the Thai islands. Good thing I was on my 20s when I was there. I made the most of it, and I can rest easy. I will, but I still have the taste of wanting more.

Afterall, who does not want more of paradise?

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