Maldives – choosing heaven

Yes, there is a paradise in this world. I’ve been there.

Maldives should be in the dictionary as a definition of: heaven on Earth, perfect island(s), pure indulgence.

And the compound adjectives go on: picture-perfect beaches, transparent-turquoise waters, first-class service, honeymoon-style over-the water bungalows. Is it beach villa that you prefer? They’ll have it. Kid-friendly or couples only? Your choice. Chicken or pasta? My darling, it doesn’t matter. It will be gourmet and beautifully plated.

That is the thing, isn’t it? Luxury might be considered a sin in heaven, but here on Earth… it’s heavenly! You may find other paradisiacal beaches, Adam & Eve style. Just you and your partner, middle of the jungle, waterfall in one side and ocean waves crashing on the opposite. Untouched, what a find! But then what if you would like a cocktail? Or need a nice rest after an exhausting day? Sorry naturalists, but I just wont believe anyone that tells me they’d rather be naked and afraid than with a butler at your services.

Butler! What am I thinking? Downton Abbey? I know, it sounds insane… but if you choose the right resort, in the Maldives you’ll have the extreme comfort of counting with a well-dressed manservant to bring you a roll of toilet paper in a silver tray, if needed (yeah, no, you wouldn’t want that).

I will agree with the ultimate rich that prefers to get a private villa, perhaps in your own concealed beach, and hire all the staff they might need. Although I doubt you’ll have a person exclusively to decoratively cut whichever fruit you choose from a beautifully set tropical stand. Yes, we had that in our resort: a professional fruit-chopper. So you’d be like: “OMG, what is this pitaya looking green thing with spikes all over? Is it even eatable?” and here comes the fruit ninja with a thin sword and quickly slice it into a flower shape, directly to your plate. Plus it might be the sweetest thing you ever taste.

Oh Maldives… then you’d ride a bike back to your villa, to lay in the sun and read books (provide you don’t have children, but hey – I bet babysitters are available too), have drinks, be sexy, be merry. Your hard choices include deciding if you want to cool down in the ocean or by the edge of your infinite pool.



How to choose your perfect Maldives resort

That’s the second problem here (do I need to mention what’s the fir$t?): there are so many options that it’s actually pretty hard to choose where to stay.

The Maldives are a collection of islands, and pretty much each resort is on it’s own island – so one thing to consider is what kind of shape you’d like your island to be like. It might not matter much for you, but I really wanted a proper rounded one, so I could run around it. I felt that if I chose a long one, perhaps I’d be more stuck in one side. Now it seems silly, but I think my rounded choice was a good thing.

white clouds
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on

Another important detail for us was to choose a resort with some kind of all-inclusive alcohol option. My husband and I looove spending our days drinking, and I’d hate to have second thoughts because of prices. Of course, the add-on was very expensive too, and after all it would probably have been the same as spending on the go. But still, it was nice not to have to worry. And we made lots of bartender friends! On that note, you might want to try finding online menus with meals and drink prices for your resort – it’s all very pricey, and if you are in a budget that might make a difference.

I believe it’s possible to go to Maldives without breaking the bank, but remember this is that trip of a lifetime. So try to pay for the booking way in advance and then go prepared to fill up your credit card again. It might cost you double of what you have already spent. I know, the truth hurts sometimes.

Then there is an important detail that I learned in my researches: you don’t want to be too close to Male, the main island. Although there’s the advantage of getting to the resort faster, and maybe avoiding an internal flight if the island is just a short fast boat ride away. But apparently the closer you are to Male, the busier it is – the ocean can be shakier, you’ll hear planes flying by, you’ll possibly see more shipping boats, etc. So although the little plane to my hotel was quite uncomfortable, we enjoyed a lot of peace and quiet, and saw dolphins almost daily. I recommend you to choose the location of your island wisely. Unless of course you’re looking for an exploration kind of trip and want to be close to Male so you can explore some sights of the mainland.

And obviously, you’ll want to see which accommodation, activities, luxuries, and pricetag will work best for you. Research, research, research! It might feel overwhelming, but honestly… nothing better than this kind of planning. I am so jealous already!

I wouldn’t worry much about the atoll details (besides the location part, that I’ve mentioned). I believe any and all will be amazing if it’s your first time.


OK so finally – maybe you were just scrolling down to find the answer for this: which resort I picked?

The truly beautiful and amazing and surprisingly off the charts: DUSIT THANI Maldives.


I will write another blog just about my experience there. Follow me to read it soon!

And please let me know what your choice is/was.  I live through words these days.

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Maldives – choosing heaven

  1. We did a week long dive boat trip in Maldives. You’re right it is paradise. We missed not having an island with a beach, but the plus was we could explore a lot of the area with varied diving.


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