Meghan vs The Queen on a International Woman’s Day

P​eople were talking about it. The media frenzy, as some say, was as real as the 525 thousands deaths by COVID-19 in the USA. And (on the same way that the pandemic expectations predicted a year ago): the Oprah’s interview delivered. Drama, bombshell revelations, and the backlash: enough content to fuel yet another world crisis.

Will this become the long-waited US x UK battle? Probably not politically – thank God the new president is more reasonable – but perhaps a social one. It surely has already dominated the social media trending topics. The fact is: there’s a big difference on how Americans and British view the situation.

Here is what was broadcast today, the day after the interview:

P​iers Morgan, host at Good Morning Britain, says that was Meghan’s “performance of a lifetime”.

For the first time in agreement, the five co-hosts of The View, one of America’s favorite roundtable debate show,acknowledge that Meghan is the victim. 

What is it then: b​eing the victim or playing the victim?

T​he fact is: it doesn’t matter. Meghan said she had suicidal thoughts and, independent on how “The Firm” reacted to that, this is a topic that must be discussed. A post on Twitter read that “millions of people suffering of poverty, and meanwhile two rich kids are claiming mental health issues on TV”. It’s the new and trending ‘canceling culture’. Some can suffer, but others can’t. Who is the judge of the sufferers? Well, if there is such a judge, he/she should be taken to trial. Then others can also judge. Make it a full cycle.

M​en and women suffer from mental issues all around the world, independent of social class, nationality and race. It doesn’t matter if you are royal or guetto. But when you are to be the first mixed-race princess in that castle, believe me: it’s gonna be tough. It might really mess you up.

And that was the bigger allegation: that there were talks on how dark would Archie’s skin be. Wow. This is not onlyracist, and not only sad: it is enough reason to have the Royal Family Firm destitute. Although Prince Harry promised he wouldn’t give details on who was involved in this conversation, there is a high chance it could have been his father – Prince Charles, the next king – or his brother – Prince William, the next in line for the throne.

H​ow can the family that should be the looked upon, adored and respected by 54 commonwealth nations be racist? This is 2021. The majority of the commonwealth countries are made of black people. How can they passively accept this?

Meghan didn’t. Good for her. Point for Hollywood.

W​ill HM the Queen say something about this? That’s the UK punchback we’ll have to wait for. 

A​n apology from the castle is unlikely. “Silence is the best response” is what The Firm believes. And it might be the best strategy to keep the monarchy “pure” and “safe”. Because the British might go to the streets to ask justice for George Floyd, but they’ll never admit that their beloved Queen is that wrong.

P​erhaps this social battle will throw The Crown viewers to that episode when the Kennedys make a royal visit and Jackie is heard saying that “the castle is so outdated”. And then HM the Queen shows her that this is what it takes to keep a monarchy for over 1200 years.

T​he Royal Family shouldn’t have canceled Meghan. And Meghan probably won’t cancel the UK best kept tradition. 

A​nd the world should stop canceling all together. 

Here is to a United Culture post crazy social mental pandemic. Oh – and Happy Women’s Day.

Black man holding British Flag during the royal wedding
Black man holding British Flag during the royal wedding
Photo by King’s Church International on Unsplash

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