Packing the Backpack

Just for fun, this is roughly what I wrote in 2006, two days before going on my Central America Trip:

Putz time goes by fast. I travel the day after tomorrow!

I can’t believe that I really am doing this… But now there is no escape! Oh and I do not even want to escape, because the FUN IS NON-STOP.

I’ve already started packing… thats a lie. Oh who do I want to fool? As a good Brazilian I leave everything for last minute.

I already went to the pharmacy, I bought what I’m going to take. Today I need to get my tent at Marina’s house, and I’ll start packing everything. Difficult to know what to bring … bikinis, clothes to trail, to travel … and I need to save on the weight of the backpack, because my back can not take more suffering.

Aaaaaaaff I do not know because I’m writing all this, I swear that when the trip starts everything will get more interesting.

Ah I think I will not spend the New Year in Mal Pais, I was told that Tamarindo is more exciting … yeaaaah

Kisses kisses and a very beautiful Christmas to you !!!!!


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