Itinerary Central America ’06

In 2006, I created my first blog to document my second backpacking trip. The first had been the year before, when I went by bus and train to tour South America. I will tell you about it in another post.

This second time, we headed north, to Central America. Oh, but wait a second. This was actually my third trip! I had a domestic trip in between those international ones, and it is one that I absolutely recommend it: from just below the southern border of the state of Bahia, all the way to Salvador. Also will be writing about it in another post.

As I’m just trying to organize my trips together, the following is an excerpt from my Portuguese post, auto-translated by Google.

5 days!!
December 20, 2006
Wow, I read my first post (from yesterday) and realized that I’m a terrible writer !!! Aaaaff but I will try to do it better and not let it shake me…

Okay, what can I say? My travel itinerary is: Brazil – Costa Rica – El Salvador – Mexico – Cuba – Mexico – Belize – Guatemala – Honduras – Nicaragua – Costa Rica – Brazil! 8 countries in a single shot… looks like a lot, but there are still over 100 to know!

Oh, my God, I do not think this is going to work.

Fuck it must be so boring to log in here and yet not have anything interesting to read, right?


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