Life is weird. While I was enjoying my Wonderful Vacation Lifestyle, I got the saddest news possible. My best friend from University passed away, very suddenly, from a rare disease. It was devastating, obviously (although I believe she became an angel that helped me accomplish all my travel dreams… seriously. She knew about it, and after she died all my dreams seem to come true like magic. Believe. Believe in your dreams, and believe that loved ones do take care of you when they leave this material world).

That made my blogging on my Central America backpacking trip decrease drastically, but here is what I wrote about Belize:

We went to Belize, and it was very expensive. Just to enter the country I had to pay 50 dollars, to get out another 20 dollars, plus the 20 dollars that I must pay every time I leave Mexico. But the experience was worth it, it is a country different from the others, language spoken is English, the majority of the population is black and I remembered the Jamaicans. We went to a city, San Pedro, on an island. The water is blue, but the beach has little sand and many decks for boats. The best part of the visit was the snorkling. I touched a stingray and small shark.

Belize has the 2nd largest coral reef in the world, only lost to Australia. Sea life is very beautiful here.
The other exciting part was the 5 hours that we stayed on a local bus from Belize City to the Mexican border yesterday. We were the only 3 whites in the bus (me, Marina and an Israeli who is traveling with us). It was funny when a black guy with giant dreads shouted at the CD seller, when I said I wanted to buy one: “Hey, yo! Bring your ass here couse these white people want to buy your staff ..! ” LOL A lot like a movie scene.


Belize City was a bit scary, people were unfriendly and not that welcoming to backpackers. San Pedro is supposed to be Madonna’s “Isla Bonita”, but the beach wasn’t great for tanning, and the ocean full of corals, making it difficult to swim. I haven’t gotten back there, and this was 10 years ago, so don’t trust much this post if you are planning a trip there.

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