Tikal & Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Too bad I don’t have many more memories of Tikal and the Semuc Champey. I often forget of places I have been, just slips out of my mind.

One thing I can guarantee is: Semuc Champey is UNMISSABLE if you are going to Guatemala. I know, Guatemala is big, but believe me when I say it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. Plus, the experience of the nearby hostel (I believe its the “Hostal El Portal del Champey”) was awesome. Eco-bathroom (no flush, those things), a river, beautiful green area for camping and, I believe, cute (very simple) lodges.

This is a short post I wrote in 2007:

Our first stop was Tikal, in the Mayan Ruins. Everyone said they were going to be the most impressive, so it was good to close our “Mayan Route” with a golden key. I was really impressed by the size of the ruin-town, and with giant monuments too. We climbed some very high pyramids (go thighs for so many stone steps), but the view up there is worth it. To go to Tikal we stayed in the city of Flores, and from there we went to the city of Lanquín, to visit Semuc Champey. That’s what I call nature!

Wow, I guess I’ve never been in a more beautiful natural park, with waterfalls and natural pools that changes from blue to green depending on the time of the day.

I loved Guatemala and hope to be back there one day.

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