Playa Escondida Resort – Mexico’s best hidden-secret, found.

Sayulita: a place that has been on my bucket list for a while. A cute Mexican town with surf vibes, beautiful beach and amazing tree-house accommodations: it sounded like the perfect destination for my nature-lover being.

After an unsuccessful NYE plan, and perhaps three Bachelor in Paradise seasons later, I am here. I do thank the show for the final push, as it presented me to this idyllic beach, surrounded by lush forest and palm trees. Perfectly positioned rocks give the closing touch to this paradise where lovers’ production can happen.

And when I finally googled ‘where is the show shot’ and – surprise – Sayulita!


So here I am, writing this while listening to waves crashing in the ocean. My husband is half naked lying on a lounger, after chilling in the hot tub, while I sit at the working table next to our own private kitchen/bar area. All these fit easily on our immense patio – all open concept, including the shower.

Oh wait, what are you trying to say, Mr. Bird? Oh yeah, let’s not forget mentioning this is all very secluded amongst massive palms and other heavy foliage trees.


Playa Escondida means hidden beach. And that is how owner said he wants to keep the resort: a secret (although we had our doubts considering his paradise is featured in one of the most watched shows in the USA). But you can’t find it on Booking or Expedia or other popular hotel booking websites.

And perhaps I wouldn’t ever have considered choosing it, considering Playa Escondida Resort isn’t located in Sayulita beach itself.

What a mistake that would have been! Playa Escondida is almost paradise knocking on heaven’s door.

The Sayulita beach, as we found out, is a bit overcrowded. Too many pre-settled chairs occupy a big chunk of the sand; there are too many vendors, too many people. Just too much that opposes complete relaxation.


Meanwhile, Playa Escondida is exclusive, gorgeous, and just a 10 min golf-cart (rented by resort) ride. You will still experience all tacos and other wonderful things that Sayulita town can offer. Beach here, dine there. Perfect!




What the hell happened last night? Husband and I were enclosed on our love nest – literally, our bed within mosquito net – when we heard what seemed to be an attack. There was a noisy ceiling fan making discernment of sounds a little confusing, but something big was definitely in our suite. Our eco room was completely open; no windows to protect entrance of animals. But what could it possibly be? What kind of animal could come in through the trees or the roof? I made myself believe it was just a bird. A nice bird, perhaps battling with the fan, looking for bread crumbs.

The fact is that the day before, when we got back from the beach, we noticed that the little basket containing coffee, sugar and sweetener had definitely been attacked. One of the packets was open, and every other one was somehow wet. Like an animal drilled all over it. Urgh.

Sleeping after being awake with something inside our room (neither of us had the nerves of leaving our fort to see what was actually going on. We just stayed in, preparing for contra-attack in case they – whatever they were – would strike us) was tough. When I did, I had nightmares that something was biting my foot.

So we went to the office and learned: we must have gotten a visit from the coati-mundis, these typical raccoon like animals that come in looking for food. They must have thought we would have some more sugar for them.

Mental note: love nature, but next time get one of the suites that do have air con = windows.

Perhaps paradise will always have that scary serpent (or coatimundi) that can ruin it all.


Oooooooh but I could be here forever listing why I absolutely loved Playa Escondida.

The staff was delightful.  I wrongly booked us an extra night and they promptly removed the cost off of my final bill.

The rooms are built in a way that respects nature. When you look at the resort from the beach, everything blends perfectly. The sun sets on the ocean right across the sunset pavilion. There is an infinity pool with two small waterfalls that decorates the restaurant and overlooks the gorgeous shoreline, or another more private pool that is deep enough for refreshing splashes. Oh yes, also a romantic infinity hot tub at the quiet SPA heaven.


I have traveled a lot. I am a beach addict. The problem with this combo is: the more paradises you explore, the harder it gets to appreciate all places you go. You get spoiled, you’ve seen perfect places – like Maldives, etc – and what once was the best beach for you,  now might be just… whatever. It’s hard to be impressed.

Well, Playa Escondida did it. Right there, Mexico, we found heaven. Heaven with scary coatimundi creatures, but still ALMOST PARADISE. Can’t wait for next season!



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